Claims Process Tutorial

Claims Process Tutorial:

  1. Check Package Status:

    • Open the link: Track Your Order.
    • Enter your "Order Number" or "Tracking Number". These must be the actual order details from our store.

      A Gentle Reminder for Our Customers
      If you're not sure of your order number, don't worry! You can easily find it in the shipping confirmation email we've sent you. This number is your key to track your shipment and stay updated on its delivery status.
      Alternatively, for a quick and hassle-free experience, simply click the "Track your order" button provided in the email. This will take you directly to the second step of our order tracking system, where you can see the latest information on your shipment.
  2. Verify Insurance Status:

    • After entering the correct information, you will see the order details page.
    • Locate and click the “Protected” badge, indicating that your package has shipping insurance purchased.

  3. Report the Issue:

    • Click on the “Report an issue” button. This will direct you to the “17TRACK Shipping Protection Resolution Center”.

  4. Select the Type of Issue and File a Claim:

    • At the “17TRACK Shipping Protection Resolution Center,” choose one of the following options based on your actual situation:
      • If your package was delayed, select “My package was delayed”.
      • If your items were damaged, select “My item(s) was damaged”.
      • If your items were lost, select “My item(s) was lost”.
    • Follow the prompts to submit the necessary information and evidence to complete the claim process.

  5. Await Feedback:

    • After submitting your claim, please wait patiently. Our customer service team will review your claim and get in touch with you.

Important Notes:

  • Ensure that shipping insurance was purchased for your order before the issue occurred.
  • Keep all relevant proof, such as order confirmation emails, photos of the package, etc., ready to provide if needed.
  • If you have any questions during the claims process, contact customer service promptly for assistance.